Welcome to INELI-SSAf - International Network of Emerging Library Innovators – Sub-Saharan Africa which is a global network of library workers committed to developing and implementing targeted, purposive and innovative library services to drive development in every facet of human existence.

Originally, INELI was funded by the Global Libraries Initiative of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It began in 2011 with a cohort of 19 Innovators from 17 different countries. It has now grown to include a second global cohort of 25 innovators from 23 different countries and seven regional INELIs, reaching library workers on every continent. Currently, regions and countries now fund the programme as the Global Libraries is no longer operational.

Over the next one year, you will have an opportunity to work with colleagues from within your country and two other countries in Africa to explore new ideas, experiment with new services, and learn from one another. The online skills building modules will include recommended readings, self-assessments, topic-specific forums, and collaborative group projects. The graduation ceremony will be a physical convening at the headquarters of your National Library. We encourage you to savor this opportunity!